LYF Blue Blocking Glasses & Cases

LYF Blue Blocking Glasses & Cases

CA$ 39.99 

These glasses are great for everyday use, protect your eyes while looking amazing! For gaming, working on computers, or everyday exposure to modern technology. LYF: Lifestyle brand Earth tones, wood case, and earth green glasses pouch.

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As we evolved, our eyes gradually adapted to natural light sources. In the last 100 years, various artificial light sources have been produced due to technology, which has rapidly changed with each passing day. These new artificial light sources will produce quite a lot of blue light. Blue light can account for more than 26% of the light emitted from increasingly popular tech, like fluorescent lights, smartphones, televisions, and computer screens. Blue light penetrates the cornea and lens, directly to the macular area, this can accelerate the oxidation of cells in the macular area, causing chemical damage to the retina. This is also the main reason why many older people suffer permanent loss of vision in their later years. The fast-paced life exposes us to constant exposure to blue light. Long Term use of mobile phones, computers, and various types of electronic products can result in dry eyes, blurred vision, visual fatigue, and pain in the heads.

  1. They reduce eye strain. Working with a computer or smartphone all day can cause problems, like eye strain and even loss of sleep. Using blue light blockers will reduce eye fatigue, headaches, and blurred vision.
  2. They'll help you sleep better. Exposure to blue light, especially in the evening can have a serious effect on your circadian rhythms by slowing or completely stopping the production of melatonin. Experts recommend turning off all devices that give off blue light at least two hours before bed, but we all know that's not always possible, so to avoid the negative side-effects of late-night blue light exposure, DFG light blue blockers are a must-have!
  3. Worry about your work and not your color! Light Blue blockers are great for visual design artists, with our DFG light blue blockers, compared to most blue-blocking glasses our lenses don't shift the hue, allow you to focus on your project and not have to worry about the colors being off.


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