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Our vision is to create narrative-driven games which tell meaningful stories, while expressing art through our craft. We want each game to push the boundaries, challenge the way you think and overall improving people's lives.

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Dragon Fly Games Studio is a small Indie game company located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. With significant potential and a strong focus on becoming a well-known business not only in the Canadian video game market but also in the International Industry, our studio is planning on releasing our first game 'Beyond the Oaks.' Both Dragon Fly Games Studio and 'Beyond the Oaks' were started with zero outside funding-only; the personal income from the owner was used for small odds and ends- yet we have been flourishing. Due to the competitive nature of the industry, we have set forth plans of expanding.


Jay Cameron

Jay Owner

Is the Director and Project Lead who's passionate about creating profound narrative experiences through games.


Steven Cameron

Story, writer and creative power house.


Sara Cameron

Events & Programs Manager



Is the Audio Lead dedicated to creating impactful experiences in games through audio.


Lise Rikke Kjær

Is the 3D Lead, creating amazing 3D assets and creatures within Beyond the Oaks.


Camilo Brushinsky

Is Art Director for Beyond the Oaks, Graphic Novel's, and Lore.


Zeal Kadhikaye

Character Art a Passion for bringing 2D art to life.



Is the 3D Model Character Creator who creates characters with life and history, to tell the deep stories in our projects.


Matthew Holzapfel

Lead programmer for Beyond the Oaks! Taking a byte out of bugs.